How to get there (routes, tickets, and scheduled transportation)

From Thessaloniki to Uranopolis
 From the airport Thessaloniki to Uranopolis possible taxi fares are available. Stoit What about 140 euros. Time in cuffs 1.5 to 2 hours.
Possible to get on the bus too (What hurts economically). Buses from "KTYL HALKIDIKI" (KTEL HALKIDIKI) bus stop to Thessaloniki from Uranopolis. Out of the airport all the taxis, taxi bus net.
Phone number:  2310 316 555.


From Salonika to Airport

Out of Salonika at airport possible booking of taxi for 30 th Euro, Libo on public transport bus № 78 bus fares from bus stops (KTEL)

 Traveling bus "Uranoupoli - Thessaloniki"
Expiration date: 01/01/2014 -31/05/2014; 10/10/2014 -31/12/2014
Thessaloniki - Uranoupolis: 5: 30 *; 6:15; 9:30; 12:45; 14:30; 17:45
Uranoupoli - Thessaloniki: 5: 30 *; 8:00 *; 9:30; 13:00; 14:15; 17:45

Summer issue: 1/06/2014 - 10/10/2014
Thessaloniki - Uranoupolis: 5:30; 6:15; half past eight; 10:45; 12:45; 14:30; 16:30; 18:30
Uranoupoli - Thessaloniki: 5: 30 *; 8:00; 9:30; 13:00; 14:15; 16:15; 18:15
* In-store and down-to-date shipping rates are not included.

Stomach ticket: 11.20 €.
Duration from 2.5 to 3 hours.
In the cruise ship, unloaded from the Uranopolis of Svyatu Goru, the possible success of the first bus, the cruise ship departs at 5.30 and 6.15.


From the Uranopolis of Svyatu Goru. Uranopolis - Daphne.
Morning around 07.30 breaks off the Palomicean bro (Graafo Provinciton), available on the main street near the entrance, the only gas station in the country. Palomnik is obliged to pay a half-dime in Palomnitskom (25 euros).

Paromys Uranoupoli - Daphne

Parom - 9:45, standing 9.00 euros

Sc. cut - 8:45 and 10:40 14 euro

Paromie Daphne - Uranoupoli

Parom - 12:10, standing 9.00 euros

Sc. cut - 9:35 and 12:00 14 euro

Palomiceчеsko bюro Svyatй горф Afon in Uranoupoli
Tel + (30-23770) 71422
Working Hours:
7:30 - 14:00 daily

A ticket for paromotion or a cut-off ticket for an appointment. Prevention alone can not be performed at all.
Phone Ticket Scheduling:
Tel + (30-23770) 21041
Fax + (30-23770) 71061
Paramount or catering tickets are available online, free of charge at retail, not far from the mall.
From Togo to Daphnia and Monastiria, available between Uranoupolis and Daphne (prescriptions), the possible benefits of cartridge replacement.

Parom «Agiu Panteleimon» (or "Axion Austen"), on the Palomar Bolshevik crossing back to Svyatogo Afona, departs from Daphnia at Uranopolis at 12:00. After the onslaught in Svyato-Panteleimonov monastir (at 12.20), Xenophon, Dohyar, on the harbors of Costamonita, Zografos and Philandaria (in the case of the monastery, the exact time and time during which the time is given. Weather in Uranopolis - 14.00.
At the time of navigating the Afone zvershetsetsya sunrise sunset, around 17:00.
In the period after February the sea clock is turning, and the rest is unstable. Important, if at any time during the day it is not possible to ship Afon in the designated vessel or take it under suitable conditions.

From Daphnia to other monasteries.
Until the next monastery can be reached in Daphnia on the Ressovom bus, which will be cut short as temporary revenue. It is therefore possible to reach Cariesa - an open-air chair, with available office space. Out of the Caravans of monasteries of micro-buses of Palomnitses to the monasteries or wanderers:
Great Lavra, Ivory Coast, Vatopedi, Kutlumush, Stavronikita, Pantocrator, bishops of Andreyevsky skit (of the Priests only in Karisse), bishops of Russia Ilinski skits, Moldavian provinces of Moldova. From Caries to Monastery or elsewhere, please indicate possible taxi fares.
Salary for the production of monastery machine can be determined by: what determines the amount of passage and the amount of sweat.
From Daphne to the popular Libo Peshmerga machine (approx. 10 km) possible to the Simonopetra monastery.

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